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1964-1970 Schumann Concerto

Schumann Concerto in a minor

Erith Observer, August, 1970

“At the Proms last Saturday…Schumann’s Piano Concerto in a minor…is a happy, romantic work, the spirit of which was completely brought out by the American pianist, Ann Schein.”

Royal Albert Hall, London

Liverpool Echo, Liverpool, England, 1968

“The young American pianist, Ann Schein, who made a highly favorable impression…last summer in Rachmaninoff’s Third Concerto, proved…an equally pleasing advocate for the Schumann. Miss Schein’s (performance) was admirably paced, eloquently phrased, rhythmically exact…perfectly attuned to the concerto’s happy, lyrical style. The conductor, also American, was Lawrence Foster.”

San Antonio Express News, January, 1966

“Miss Schein, who at 26, has already been acclaimed in New York…and in European tours, showed her mettle in the Schumann Piano Concerto…in addition to the feminine delicacy required in some passages, she showed…a strength and vitality that would have done credit to the most celebrated male masters of the piano…”

San Antonio Light, January, 1966

“…Ann Schein, brilliant young American pianist, fully confirmed the recent lavish praise she has received from the East Coast and European critics with a superb performance with the San Antonio Symphony…Elegantly attired in a stunning, electric blue gown, the artist was thrilling just to look at as she sat at the sprawling Steinway – and such musical playing! She searched out each subtlety with fresh, unabashed enthusiasm – and fashioned a youthful, exuberant out of the work…Her treatment of the Intermezzo movement was particularly felicitous. She gave this music, which is the heart of the work, a deep measure of soul.”

Washington Star, January, 1964

“Constitution Hall was certainly a welcome sight to behold yesterday. The National Symphony Orchestra was inaugurating its new Sunday afternoon Government and Family Series, and believe it or not, the big hall was sold out. The first guest artist of the series, and a fine choice it proved to be, was Ann Schein, who was soloist in the Schumann Piano Concerto. Once again, her exquisite musical sensitivity and her brilliant technical command of the keyboard were lavishly displayed, as they had been in the Rachmaninoff Paganini Variations this week. The Schumann demonstrated the wonderful combination of poetry and bravura that is the hallmark of her style.”

National Symphony Orchestra Howard Mitchell, conductor

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