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ANN SCHEIN, pianist

I am privileged and excited to have entered into the age of “The Web Site”, thanks to many of my beloved and savvy students, whose “But Miss Schein, you MUST…” convinced me to become an enthusiastic member of this new world of communication! My creative friends in Newhall Klein, whom I met while performing in the 2010 Gilmore International Piano Festival last June, with their keen interest in the lives of individual artists, have brought this concept to fruition with my new web site presented here.

This is my story up to this moment, “A Life in Review” it might be entitled, in celebration of 60 years of making music, performing and communicating with audiences across the world.

My heart overflows with gratitude for my beloved parents, my incredible teachers, and my family – my “team” in life truly a “Miracle Team” – who have unconditionally supported me throughout this journey.

I cannot as well neglect to thank all the critics, writers and commentators whose words you will read here, and who have given so generously of their opinions, encouragement and warm-hearted endorsements in their reviews.

And now I thank you for celebrating with me and joining me in reliving these many unforgettable musical moments!

Isler’s Insights Interview With Ann Schein and Earl Carlyss

“Ann first heard of Earl in 1966 when she was on her first tour of the Far East. In Hong Kong she noticed posters for the Juilliard Quartet, which had just played there.”

Read the whole interview:

Watch my KJAX Radio Interview

Featured Review

There's a moment of magic when pianist Ann Schein appears on stage… She walks in briskly, as if going to her living room… Then she sees the audience and pauses with a look of astonishment, as if to say: "But what are all of you doing here?"
Daily Camera,
Boulder Colorado Web Blomster,
“On Key”
Sunday, November 14, 2010
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