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2011 July 29 National Conference of Keyboard Pedagogy

Comments after Recital

“…your concert was mentioned by everyone with the most glowing, almost spiritual terms…one dear friend who studied with Vengerova said…’I’m so glad I lived long enough to hear that sound again…it was an evening I shall never forget’…All of us join the critic who wrote ‘Thank God for Ann Schein’. We now know what he was talking about.”

“Every note of that concert was magnificent and a thing of beauty which I’m sure will remain with me forever! It took me back to my student days and life in New York when I had the privilege of hearing all of the greats – Myra Hess, Gina Bachauer, Guiomar Novaes, Rudolf Serkin, Walter Gieseking, Horowitz, and of course, Arthur Rubinstein. I don’t believe that I have heard music-making at the piano like Ms. Schein’s since I left New York! I think that part of the education of all of today’s young people who are aspiring “winners” of impressive competitions should include a requirement of spending an hour a day listening to Ms. Schein before they practice. Yes, there is life after loud and fast!”

“…to hear you play…was an unbelievable gift…your playing is so powerful emotionally with every note filled with…meaning.”

“Your recital was a truly life-changing experience.”

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