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1962 Carnegie Hall Recital Debut

Schumann, Chopin

New York Journal American, March, 1962

“Poised on the threshold of a spectacular career, Ann Schein made her Carnegie Hall debut last night. At 22, she is a phenomenal pianist. Technically, she has remarkable keyboard mastery, tonally she can create almost any nuance she wishes, musically she comprehends much beyond her years.”

New York World Telegram, March, 1962

“Among the season’s most artistic memories will be the Carnegie Hall debut of Ann Schein… (it was) a revelation! Poetic feeling that made every phrase a joy to hear.”

New York Times, March, 1962

“Ann Schein, 22 year old pianist who made her debut here the summer before last at Lewisohn Stadium, gave her first New York recital. Word of her talents having spread, there was a large audience. She made a decidedly favorable impression. She did her finest playing in her most demanding selection, the Davidsbündlertänze of Schumann… After the intermission she turned to Chopin. Here, too, one admired her grasp of style, her technical fluency, her ability to make a melody sing out clearly above (the) ornamentation, and the independence of her hands.”

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