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Foundation Meeting, Palm Springs, CA

February 21-23

Piano Auditions, Mannes School, NYC

March 1-5

Recital, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY

March 11


Mieczyslaw Munz Scholarship Competition Judging, Juilliard School, NYC

March 14

Recital, Meadow Ridge, CT

April 12

Recital, Englewood Arts Series, Denver, CO

April 21

Master Class, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO

April 23

Recital, Judging, North American Competition and Piano Festival, Milwaukee, WI

May 31-June 5th

Recital, Master Classes, Teaching, Peng Piano Academy Summer Festival, Palo Alto, CA

June 18-21

Recital and Residency, Performing, Judging, Teaching, Lee University, Cleveland, TN

June 22-25

Judging, International Keyboard Institute and Festival Competition, Jerome Rose 80th Birthday Celebration, Hunter College, NYC

July 26-29

Teaching, Mannes Piano Faculty, NYC

September, 2018-May, 2019

Lecture, Recital, Holton-Arms School, Bethesda, MD

October 3

Recording for MSR Classics, Oberlin, OH

October 19-24

Recording (Darrett Adkins and Ann Schein), Oberlin College, OH

October 23-25

Duo recital: Darrett Adkins, cello, Ann Schein, piano - Musicians Club of New York, NYC

October 28

Recital, Master Classes, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI

November 4

Museum for Women in the Arts, Recital, Washington, D.C.

November 13

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Featured Review

“The weekend musical pleasures included an all-Schumann program from the Concert Artists of Baltimore on Saturday...The program offered a neat balance of familiar and rare repertoire. Representing the familiar was the Piano Concerto, which featured the exuberant Ann Schein...[She] demonstrated more than just the chops for the concerto; she had a way of enlivening well-worn phrases, of maintaining interest as well as momentum...Schein’s playing was…filled with character throughout. The pianist was attentively partnered by conductor Edward Polochick...”
Tim Smith,
The Baltimore Sun
October 18, 2010
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