Ann Schein


Recital - University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

January 26

Master Class, U of Ala.

January 27

Recital - Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT

February 2


Master Class - Harrisburg, PA

February 21

Master Class, Messiah College, Harrisburg, PA

February 27

Recital - “Key Pianists” Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York

March 11

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Ann Schein's Chopin Series at Tully Hall. (1980-91)

Judging Piano Concerto Competition, Juilliard School, NYC

March 18-19

Mieczzyslaw Munz Piano Competition, Juilliard School, NYC

March 31

Judging, Piano Competition - Danbury, CT

April 4

Judging - Renee Fisher Competition, New Haven, CT

April 5

Lecture - Recital and Master Class, Denver University - Denver, CO

May 7

Recital - Englewood Series, Englewood, Denver, CO

May 9

Beethoven Concerto #4 in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Hoff-Barthelson School, Scarsdale, NY

June 6

Jun Nakabayashi, Conductor

Residency with Recital and Master Classes- Logan, Utah

June 22-27

Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival of South Florida, Tampa, FL

July 6-10

IKIF Festival at the Mannes School of Music, NYC

July 12-24

Recital, Merkin Hall, IKIF

July 21

Norfolk Festival, New Haven, CT

July 26 - August 1

Brahms Piano Quintet - Norfolk Festival

August 1

Recital and Master Class, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA

August 23

George L Shields Foundation Meeting, Washington, DC

September 16-19

Recital - Lindsey Wilson College, Campbellsville, KY - KTMC

September 24

Recital - Campbellsville University

September 25

Recital and Master Class, USC, Los Angeles

October 25-30

Recital - Biola University, CA

October 31

Master Class - Biola University

November 1

Lecture and Student Recital and "The Different Worlds of Schumann and Chopin" - Mannes Sounds Festival, Mannes School of Music -NYC

November 22